3 - 9 May 2024
Leila and the Wolves - Heiny Srour
40th Anniversary screenings at ICA
30 April 2024
Leila and the Wolves - Heiny Srour
Screening introduced by Nadia Yahlom (Sarha Collective) as part of Open City Documentary Festival
2021 - 2024
Cinenova: The Work We Share
Touring exhibition project with partners including Anthology Film Archives, New York, Arsenal, Berlin & beursschouwburg, Brussels
22 February 2024
Moving Images Within Precarious Structures – Episode 1: A Prayer Before Birth / Loss of Heat
Screening programme co-organised with Laura Guy and LUX Scotland at Glasgow Women's Library
7 - 10 December 2023
Maryam Tafakory: Nazarbazi نظربازی
Exhibition at PAF gallery, Olomouc
8 December 2023
Now You go into Oblivion
Screening programme at PAF festival, Olomouc
7 September - November 2023
Long time we’ve been working / Tamall fada atá muid ag obair
Co-curated exhibition with aemi at Project Arts Centre, Dublin
September 2022
Betzy Bromberg Retrospective
Curated artist’s retrospective at Tate Modern and Open City Documentary Festival, UCL
July 2022
Living on Air: the films of Sandra Lahire
Screening series at Anthology Film Archives (NYC) and Lightbox Film Center, Philadelphia
24 July 2022
Uranium Hex: The Nuclear Films of Sandra Lahire
Screening programme with LA Film Forum, 2220 Arts + Archives
9 April 2022
A Lifeline of Lovers’ Conversations
Screening programme co-curated with Daniella Shrier (Another Gaze) at Grazer Kunstverein, Austria
October 2021
Artist in Focus: Sandra Lahire
Artist in Focus retrospective for Courtisane Festival, Belgium
2015 - 2019
Cinenova: Now Showing
Screening series co-curated with Cinenova Working Group, taking place at various venues across London
September - November 2019
All You Need’s An Excuse
London Community Video Archive exhibition, co-curated with Ed Webb Ingall at LUX, London,
24 November 2019
One on One: Wendy Clarke
Screening & study day exploring the work of US Video Artist Wendy Clarke, co-organised with Kim Coleman at LUX, London
Tuesday 24 September 2019
Finding her Voice through the lens: Feminist Avant-Garde Films by Susan Stein and Others
Screening, British Film Institute, London
13 - 14 July 2019
Evidentiary Bodies: Celebrating Barbara Hammer & Carolee Schneemann
Two-day programme, LUX, London
1 May 2019
Building Space: Tool and Toil
Screening event, South London Gallery, London
24 April 2019
X:Ray - Back Inside Herself
Screening programme at KASK Cinema, Ghent
2 April 2019
You’ll Never Work Alone: Celebrating the Feminist Film Collective
Interdisciplinary symposium co-organised by Cinenova Working Group and Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image
25 November 2018
Nothing we say is a lie
Screening programme at Glasgow Film Theatre
15 August - 8 September 2018
If you can’t share no one gets any: Carolyn Lazard, Collective Text and Cinenova
Exhibition, co-curated with Cinenova Working Group, LUX, London
26 June 2018
In Our Hands: Feminist Video Collectives in the UK
Screening & talk, Number 70, Manchester
14 March 2018
Feminist Circles at St Martins
18 February 2018
Hysteria and the Hybrid Body
Screening co-curated with Cinenova Working Group and Hysteria at Cafe Oto, London
18 November - 16 December 2017
Time and Time again: Cinenova with Women and the Law Collective
Exhibition, co-curated with Cinenova Working Group, LUX
19 - 25 October 2017
Distribute and Circulate: Women’s Experimental Filmmaking in Britain
Screening programme series at L’Age d'Or festival, Brussels
22 June 2017
Stone Bodies, Red Sea: Judith Noble, Charlotte Prodger and Frances Young
Summer Solstice screening co-curated with Laura Guy, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes
20 June 2016
Derek Jarman’s Super 8
Summer Solstice screening, DSFL, London
13 July 2016
MYSTIC TENOR: Celebrating Albert Ayler
Screening and live performance event, DSFL, London
July 2013 - December 2013
Cinenova: Select & Dispossess
Exhibition, co-curated with CWG, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna
8 - 16 December 2010
Jane Arden Retrospective
Screening retrospective of writer & filmmaker Jane Arden, Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle