The Work We Share at Grazerkunstverein, June 2023.

2021 - ongoing Cinenova: The Work We Share
The Work We Share gathers a number of Cinenova films which previously existed in precarious conditions; in some cases, with negatives being lost or distribution film prints being the only copy. This programme intends to acknowledge our interdependency: from organisation, to filmmakers, cultural workers, communities, and individuals. How can we acknowledge our interdependent relationships? How can we recognise our place in a network of communications, relationships and resources, particularly as an un-funded volunteer organisation? What different strains of labour does our work rely on? How do we sustain this work mutually?

Often During the Day - Joanna Davis, 1979. Image of 16mm print courtesy of Jugatx Otero Bilbao.

2018-2021 Their past is always present
Co-director alongside María Palacios Cruz of a research and preservation project at Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola in San Sebastian. For each year of the project, postgraduate students specialising in film curation and preservation researched a particular artist from the Cinenova collection. Each focus involved digitally preserving a selection of materials from the archive and producing original research, which has been disseminated through public programming and publication.